Glenn Michigan

Let me just share this with you, we love Glenn, the people and the community. So our focus will be on promoting and educating everyone about the area.   I’m sure if you have the opportunity to spend much time in the area you will grow to love it to.


Glenn Michigan isn’t a big town, so it will be easy for us to share some information about the local businesses, if you get a chance, check these area businesses out.

The Glenn Store


The Glenn Store – this happens to be one of our favorite businesses in Glenn.   First of all the joint is owned by a couple of our favorite residents in Glenn Shores.   The little community store has a nice selection of all the basic necessities you would need to make most meals, it’s not Walmart but if you find yourself needing a can of cream of mushroom soup to finish that recipe you can find it at the Glenn Store.   The Wine, Beer and Liquor selection is amazing, for a small community store they have something to please anyone’s taste.   And talk about amazing, they have a deli to die for, they have delicious sandwiches, awesome pizza, and during the summer months on the weekend they grill burgers and smoke ribs and chicken. (YUM).  Click here for The Glenn Store Menu.  Visit them online at